Our aim and vision is to create a community, both on and offline, where people learn to master the skill of trading the foreign exchange markets whilst being part of a positive and uplifting environment.

Meet the Founders

Ricky Stubbs

Ricky Stubbs

Name: Ricky Stubbs

Age: 32

Occupation: Heating Engineer

Why did you found Bullish Bears: I have a desire to build a community that people will want to be a part of. Positive and supportive people with a common goal of building a brighter future in these uncertain times. I have a 4-year-old daughter and she is my inspiration. The hours spent learning this skill and the dedication in creating a community to be proud of are all for her.

Danny Lee

Danny Lee

Name: Danny Lee

Age: 33

Occupation: Football Development Manager

Why did you found Bullish Bears: I decided to found Bullish Bears to be able to give each individual a more personal experience with trading in the foreign exchange market! Our goal is to make trading as simple and as profitable as possible for everyone and start to create financial freedom through the power of the financial markets. I decided that what I had taught myself on the charts and created with a indicator was something I wanted to share with the world to help them learn and earn at the same time.


Brad Hunter

Brad Hunter

Name: Brad Hunter

Age: 30

Occupation: Gas Engineer

Why did you found Bullish Bears: I have a passion to share my knowledge of the foreign exchange market to 1000s of families and really help the community learn a skill for life and change their financial future forever.

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